The cricket model is for soft waves. By far the board that most surfers have requested. The cricket features a curvy outline with a big hip and pulled in tail. The rocker is  low throughout, and tail rocker has basically zero flip that gives it an insane amount of speed when pumping on flatter sections. Concave is deep single, to double, to vee off the tail making it extremely easy to go rail to rail. 

        The cricket has a ton of spark! It's get up and go speed is insane, a perfect board for small wave performance. I definitely take it with me on every surf trip in case the swell doesn't produce I know will still have a ton of fun, it also stays in my truck all spring and summer (I think i'm on my 5th cricket currently). Good for anything soft, basically 0-3 foot range, and also excels in fast small pointbreaks.
*Featured Dimensions //
5'10" x 20'1/4" x 2'5/8" // 32.57L