I started shaping after getting boards I wasn't happy with, not enough volume, too narrow in the nose, not lively enough. With the swelling amount of surfers around the Bay Area it didn't make sense that so many people were riding boards from Southern California and beyond.. myself included. 
         Once I shaped a fun little 'dumpster diver' rip-off that kind of worked. Everytime I rode it I entered a fresh headspace that I had never been before, I was starting to notice every slight behavior of the board in every situation, analizing things like the flatter tail rocker, or deeper concave became so obsessively fun. The feeling of doing something I love on something I've created was so enjoyable, and I wanted to get back to that feeling. It took awhile to get a few designs dialed in, but it didn't take long for my entire quiver to transform into self shaped surfboards.
         My surfboards focus on performance and fun. I love making all sorts of  surfboards, fun boards, fishes, and retro guns, but they have to make sense to me as far as visualizing riding it and having fun, because having a fun session is what it's all about.
                 -Tyler Payne